Tell my Story Schools Competition

TELL US IN A STORY OR PICTURES why your granny or grandpa is special

Elders have fascinating stories to tell, if we take the time to listen. Listen to their stories about days gone by and about your family's life over the years. What do they say about their education and working life? What did they do for fun and entertainment? How different was their life without cell phones, the Internet and other technological developments? How did historical events influence their life? What was their saddest (and happiest) experience?

There may be other things the older person might want to tell you about – listen and ask questions to find out more.

Once you have an understanding of their life stories, tell their story through your own short story, video or artwork. Your entry could encompass their entire life story or just depict a single event that most inspired you. Let your imagination run free!

You must ask your interviewee to sign a consent form, allowing you to conduct the interview and depict their stories. You can get the form from your school.


The #TaftaTellMyStory Schools Competition focuses on opening lines of communication between elders and school children, breaking down generational divides and encouraging value-based relationships of respect, care, compassion between the generations.

Grade R: Art only (1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes)
Grade1-3: Art or story (1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes in each)
Grade 4-7:Art or story (1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes in each)

Competition Duration
The competition will run during the 3rd school term (17 July-28 September, 2018)

Winner Selection criteria
Winners will be selected based on the level of creativity, and appropriate application of submission requirements. Finailists' work will be exhibited at the Windermere Centre over a weekend in November (date to be confirmed) and the winners will be announced thereafter.

The total prize value of all prizes is estimated at R4 000, and includes laptops, tablets, bluetooth enabled speakers and headphones.

Download a poster for your school
Download information pack/entry forms