Where are you in the circle of life?

As you journey through life, your role may change from the one who nurtures and protects to the one who, in turn, needs care and protection.

The truth is, we may all need a helping hand as we get older. Tafta aims to inspire hope for the future and a sense of belonging through this powerful video.

As our 60th Anniversary draws near, we invite you to #InspireALegacy of hope and possibilities for older people in our community. Please SMS "donate" to 40555 to donate R20 (as many times as you like). Then share our video and message on social media with friends, and encourage them to join in the campaign too.

It begins with you. Please help make the circle bigger and open your heart by sending your SMS donation right now.

Accommodation for the elderly

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Honour and celebrate the elderly this Heritage Day

“It’s Heritage Day weekend in South Africa and a perfect time for us to recommit ourselves to the care of our elders as our living legacies. They hold the secret to our histories, our backgrounds and lay the foundation for…

Get set for TAFTA's Annual Trail Run

Join us for an early morning trail run and help an elder have a happy festive season. From as little as R50 each, you and your family can enjoy a breath of fresh air, beautiful natural surroundings AND make a…

Golden Games 2017

Pictured above are some of our 'Go Getters' representing Durban at the Provincial Games in Port Shenstone from the 12th to the 14th of September 2017. 16 of our elders (made up of various clubs and service centre membership) were…

Use your free will to Inspire a Legacy

Throughout this week (11-15 September) you can have a legally valid will drawn up for free. Law firms throughout the country are offering this service as part of National Wills Week. Even if you already have a Will, if your…

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Millennials making the same mistakes

According to a recent survey conducted by 10x Investments, young South Africans may be in danger of making the same mistakes as their parents when planning for retirement.
The stark reality is that 94% of South African are unable to retire comfortably and Millennials may be repeating the same mistakes. Despite changing trends and behaviours, the formula for a successful retirement remains simple: put away 15% of your salary over a 40-year period in a high-equity fund with total fees of less than 1%, and let time do the work. [Src: Personal Finance 17 June 2017]

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