How do you put a value on care?


If you’re lying in bed, dependent on someone else to help you up … support you to the bathroom … help you wash and dress … make you a cup of tea and something to eat – a compassionate and gentle carer is priceless!

But, even though our elderly Home Based Care clients value their carers beyond measure, many can’t afford to pay the going rate. It’s difficult enough to stretch a R2,080 State old age grant to cover rent and a few groceries!

That means that Tafta has to make up the shortfall. Because our care workers deserve a fair reward for the hours they put in.

Care work can be physically exhausting and emotionally draining. It means putting someone else’s needs ahead of your own. And remaining upbeat and encouraging, even when faced with tasks like cleaning up after an incontinent elder, or replacing the dressing on a leg ulcer.

Worldwide, there’s a growing demand for both childcare and care of the elderly. Such is the need that the United Nations General Assembly has just declared October 29 to be the new International Day of Care and Support.

Please will you get behind this global movement to help provide care services to those who need it most … vulnerable elders?

Donate now

Your gift of R150 covers the cost of one visit from a Tafta carer. Some elders need help every day – at a cost of R750 – while others can manage with just three visits per week.

Any amount you can give helps bring comfort, care and companionship to an elder who is no longer capable of coping with the tasks of daily living on their own.

Some day, God willing, we will all be old. And we may experience first hand the difficulty of no longer being able to do things for ourselves.

Isn’t it comforting to think that Tafta will be there for us and our loved ones … making sure that we get the help we need to continue enjoying a life worth living?

It’s your support that keeps the caring alive.