Meal Delivery Service

We offer a unique opportunity for people aged 60 and over to access fresh, delicious and nutritionally balanced meals – without the hassle of having to cook. And at a fraction of the cost!

If you are unable to cook for yourself, are seeking more affordable options, or simply don’t want to prepare meals daily, you may want to consider signing up for this service. With nutritious dishes ranging from roast beef, gravy and vegetables to chicken biryani with dhall and salad – there is an option for every meal preference.

All meal options include a dessert and offer a choice between 2 different main meals for the day. Weekly menus are rotated every cycle to ensure variety, satisfaction and a balanced diet. Deliveries are made every Monday, Wednesday and Friday – with the option to order extra for the days in between.

Nominal fees are charged for those able to afford the service, based on a person’s income. To sign up as a client, please email or call 031 332 3721.

*Older people who are subsidized to receive meals through the kindness of donors are beneficiaries of the Meal Delivery Service.