Home Based Care/Assisted Living

For elderly people who want to continue living independently in their own homes, or in one of our residential buildings, but who find it difficult to cope with cleaning, shopping, laundry and even bathing and dressing – TAFTA offers a team of well-trained Home Based Carers who will call in as necessary to help with:

  • personal hygiene care and grooming, e.g. washing, bathing, dressing, nail and hair care
  • making beds and tidying rooms
  • cleaning, dusting and personal laundry
  • washing and changing bed linen
  • shopping
  • issue of daily medication (only available in TAFTA buildings)
  • nursing assessment and procedures, e.g. ‘flu injections and wound dressing

Charges for Home Based Care are assessed according to income.

If you or an elderly relative require the assistance of one of our Home Based Carers, please contact our Intake Social Worker on tel. 031 332-3721. A nurse will visit to assess your needs and discuss the service.