Shocking treatment of seniors

Elderly man rescued after being abandoned at shopping mall

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Imagine being ‘dumped’ with everything you own in a bag at your side … and left on your own with nowhere to go.

That's what happened to Mr J, a mentally confused 69 year old man, who is unable to walk without a stick.

Fortunately a kind bystander noticed his plight and offered him a lift. He asked to be taken to Tafta. But by the time they arrived at our offices, it was nearly 6pm and the social workers and other staff had already left. We tried to find him a bed, but there was nothing available at such short notice. So the building manager made up a bed for him on a couch in the foyer, and fetched him a hot meal.

Early next morning, our social workers got to work to try and place Mr J. He needed to be in an Assisted Living Unit, but we had no vacancies. Eventually, we placed him at John Conradie House with carers to look after him until more suitable accommodation became available.

It’s really shocking that anyone could abandon an elderly person in such a way – and we’ve reported the matter to the Department of Social Development.

But the sad truth is that there are many others just like Mr J.

Caring for an old person who’s mentally confused and physically disabled costs a huge amount of money ... much more than their pension.

Thankfully Tafta cares about the plight of destitute elderly people and we do our best to find them a safe and comfortable place to live. But we’re lucky ... we have an amazing circle of supporters who are always willing to lend a hand.

Right now we're looking for more people to join this circle ... a 'guardian angel' for every frail, homeless, desitute old man or woman in our city. Please will you save another senior by joining the Tafta Guardians now?

Your donation – made right now online – helps make up the shortfall between what someone like Mr J can afford to pay, and the real cost of providing accommodation, nursing care, meals and laundry.

And – more importantly – it tells someone who's afraid and alone that others do care. Thank you for reaching out to help destitute elderly people in our community.

Hug therapy for seniors

One day this could be you, or someone you love. Please help Tafta provide loving care for Durban's elderly.


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