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As we get older, we realise the most important things in life aren't 'things'

Gifts under the Christmas tree are nice – but what ‘makes’ Christmas is not the gifts at all. It’s getting together with family and friends ... sharing a special meal together ... feeling the joy of belonging and knowing that you are loved.

That’s the wonderful gift you give our elderly residents when you pay for one or more of them to attend our annual Tafta festive lunches. Many of our residents haven’t been part of a large family gathering in years. Some have never married – others have lost beloved partners, and children and grandchilden live far away overseas.

But they’re part of our Tafta family. And with help from caring people like you, they will enjoy a traditional Christmas spread amid lively chatter, laughter and music – and that same wonderful feeling of belonging.

Your donation of just R95 will pay for one elderly person’s lunch. By giving R190 you can sponsor a couple. So many residents have made friends with their next door neighbours – and would appreciate the opportunity to go together. You may even be able to sponsor a table of four, six or ten – with a contribution of R380, R570 or R950.

This December, we hope to host a total of 1 800 elderly men and women at 22 Tafta residences and wellness centers in and around Durban. But we can’t do it without your generous help.

If you believe these old folk deserve a little fun and excitement at Christmas, please will you sponsor one or more of them by making your donation online now?

This act of kindness towards someone who’s old and lonely will bring you tremendous satisfaction. You could well feel that this is the best festive gift you’ve given this year! So please don’t wait to reach out to an elderly pensioner who might otherwise feel lonely and left out these holidays. Your kindness means the world to them.

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