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There are 4.5 million people over the age of 60 in South Africa

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'Home' is so much more than just a place to live

Home is comfort and safety ... a welcome refuge away from the world ... a place where you can relax and just be yourself. That’s why, when an elderly person is placed at one of our Tafta residences, we want to make sure they really do feel ‘at home’.

Especially if they’re going to be spending almost every hour of every day and night there – for the rest of their lives.

But how can you enjoy the privacy of your own home when the bathroom doors are broken? And the bedside locker where you keep your medication and personal possessions is rotting away?

That is the sad state of affairs at John Dunn House right now. We urgently need to replace 23 interior doors that have become infected with wood borer, as well as all the old wooden bedside tables.

And we can’t do it without help from those who have a heart for elderly people.

You see, John Dunn House caters for state pensioners. Their old age grant of just R1600 per month doesn’t go far – especially for the many who need frail care or assisted living services as well as basic shelter and meals.

Thanks to caring people like you, we are able to make up the shortfall between the real cost of care and what these elderly people can pay. But there’s nothing left over to replace worn out doors and furniture. When you think that John Dunn House opened in the late eighties – you can imagine how the past 30 years have taken their toll!

Please will you help us restore John Dunn House to a real ‘home’ again? Your gift of R380 will buy a new door. R640 will co-sponsor one new bedside cabinet. Gifts of any amount all help towards the full R340000 needed for the revamp.

You’ll probably never meet the elderly person who benefits from your generosity. Yours will not be the hand they grasp, and you won’t hear their soft, ‘thank you’.

But those words will be spoken. Because it means so much to these dear old people to feel safe and loved in their home.

So please, will you join together with other caring Durbanites in making your gift now?

John Dunn House

Please help us upgrade John Dunn House, to ensure it remains a real home for elderly residents.


Accommodation for the elderly

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