Crime spike puts elders at risk

Help us keep criminals out by beefing up security in our Homes

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October we celebrate the month of older persons

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Elders on lockdown

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Emergency contact details during the National Lockdown:
Tel. 073 949 9730 or email

The Hospice Palliative Care Association of South Africa (HPCA) has a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with The Association for the Aged (TAFTA). This collaboration aims to improve access to palliative care for older people in South Africa through training, support and policy development.


Since lockdown pushed our country deeper into recession and thousands of jobs were shed as the economy went into free fall, crime levels have spiked. Much as we sympathise with desperate, starving people, the threat to vulnerable elders is now very real, following several attempted break-ins at Tafta homes.

Recently, our John Dunn House in Wentworth and Tafta Park in Bellair have both been targeted, leaving many of our elders feeling helpless during an already vulnerable time for older people.

Thankfully, nobody has been hurt ... yet. But we can't afford to take any chances. These elders depend on us to keep them safe. This means continually looking at additional security measures ... including electric fencing and beams ... to keep criminal elements out.

But security doesn't come cheap.

An alarm system with panic buttons is over R4000 with another R700 for a back up battery. Beams range from R1330 to nearly R8000 depending on the distance they cover – and then there's cabling at R325 per 100 metres and 6-strand electric fencing at R183 per metre.

Any amount you can contribute towards these costs would be appreciated so much by elders who worry about losing precious possessions or even being harmed by criminals breaking in to their Home.

Your donation of any amount will bring us that much closer to keeping criminals out ... and giving our elders peace of mind. Right now, many of them are worried about their safety.

Please will you make your donation now to help safeguard our Homes, and the elderly men and women in our care? Your gift will make all the difference, not only now – but for many years to come. Thank you for caring about elderly people who need protection.

Why should they live in fear? They depend on Tafta to keep them safe – and we depend on caring supporters like you.


Please note: The Association for the Aged (TAFTA) has a formal fundraising team and all calls for donations and in kind support are initiated by this department through professional channels of communication with supporters.

We have never, and will not call on elders to lead fundraising appeals. Any queries in this regard should be directed to the Tafta Income Development and Public Relations (IDPR) department at or 031 332 3721.

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About us

The Association for the Aged is a registered non-profit organisation (NPO 002093) dedicated to the alleviation of distress and the promotion of the welfare of aged persons living in the Durban area.

Any person who is over 60 and in need of help – or any person who knows of an elderly person in need of help – should contact us. TAFTA cares.

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