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Suffering a stroke that leaves you unable to move, talk or eat, is the most devastating blow. Especially since, more often than not, it happens completely out of the blue.

Mrs Isaacs* was a fit and active member of her community before an aneurysm in her brain ruptured, leaving her completely paralysed and dependent on others for her every need.

Her family didn’t have the money to pay for frail care and tried their best to look after her themselves. But caring for a paralysed person, 24 hours a day – as well as earning a living and looking after their own children proved impossible.

So when they approached us for help, we had to say yes.

Thanks to the outstanding treatment she receives at our John Conradie Frail Care Centre, Mrs Isaacs is showing signs of improvement. Staff get her up every day and wheel her into the garden to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Sometimes she’s treated to ‘pamper’ sessions like foot massages and pedicures.

We were a bit taken aback when she responded to these activities with tears ... until we realised they were tears of gratitude and joy. It’s the only way she can say, ‘thank you’.

But there's a massive shortfall between the R1 600 government pension that is all these poor old folks can contribute, and the actual cost of providing shelter, linen and laundry services, food and 24 hour nursing care. That’s why Tafta needs your support.

Your donation of R250, R500, or any amount you can give means we can continue to give elderly people like Mrs Isaacs a life worth living..

Every small step forward will be thanks in no small part to you and other caring people like you.

So please don’t wait a minute longer to make your donation to Tafta.

*Name changed to protect identity

Disabled senior

Caring for our elders includes taking our services out to the community through trained carers via the Home Based Care programme.


Accommodation for the elderly

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