Attending our annual Christmas lunch means the world to these elderly people

Many elders on a state pension can’t afford to eat out and rarely get out much. Your donation ensures that they can join in the Christmas festivities . . . dress up in their best clothes . . . and experience fun, companionship and laughter around the table.

Any amount you can give makes a difference.


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How do you put a value on care?

Even though our elderly Home Based Care clients value their care workers beyond measure, many can’t afford to pay the going rate. It’s difficult enough to stretch a R2,080 State old age grant to cover rent and a few groceries!

Rights of older people

Active Ageing

What is Active Ageing? And why is it important?

Active Ageing is about refusing to let our age define us. It’s about making the most of life regardless of the passing years. More than that, it’s about taking the necessary steps to safeguard our strength and wellness, so that we can continue to live full, active, healthy and meaningful lives.


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If you are over the age of 60, Tafta is here for you.

A registered non-profit organisation (NPO 002093) and public benefit organisation (PBO), we offer a wealth of helpful information, advice and practical support to help you make the most of your golden years.

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We promote values of: Trust, Accountability, Transparency, Care, Respect, Integrity, Purpose, Service, Compassion, Environment.

We encourage all stakeholders in the spirit of these Values to support our Purpose: ‘To make dignity, growth and meaningful life a realistic prospect for all elders.’

These values are promoted through our work daily with our beneficiaries, stakeholders and general public and carried through to our messaging and advertising on print, broadcast, electronic and social media platforms.  As such, The Association for the Aged, has a zero tolerance policy for any vulgar or rude, threatening, abusive, discriminatory, cyber bullying or harassing comments on all our platforms.

Any comments identified as such will be removed from our platforms. Should the perpetrator persist, he or she will be blocked and reported.

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