Message from the CEO

Earlier this year, I had the honour of being elected as the Vice Chair of the Commonwealth
Association for the Ageing. It’s an amazing
opportunity to represent our organisation and our country on international platforms.

But more importantly, it exposes us to the global agenda on ageing, and provides insight into how other nations are responding to the universal
challenge of an ageing population and issues
facing the older generation.

The eight key Megatrends identified in the elder care sector which will guide our focus in the year ahead are:

  • Intergenerational Solidarity
  • Longevity & Active Ageing
  • Hypertension/stroke
  • Technology Advancement
  • Life-long learning
  • Climate change as it affects daily life
  • Dementia
  • Care economy

Tafta has already encouraged dialogue across generations through the Conversation Cards. I
firmly believe that direct conversation is the route to recognition, acceptance and deeper connections between the generations.

Elder Abuse
We also remain deeply concerned about elder abuse, in all its many forms. In collaboration with the University of Johannesburg and a Cape Town NPO, iKamva Labantu, Tafta recently undertook a research study on elder abuse, with the aim of addressing contributing factors and identifying gaps.

Human connection
But, whilst we debate issues and conduct research, Tafta remains an organisation with a big, warm heart, always alive in our mission to
care for, protect and support vulnerable elders. And we appreciate and acknowledge the support of people like you, who stand together with us to
ensure our elders enjoy a life of meaning.

Thank you for caring.