Conversation Cards break communication barriers

Do you sometimes feel that technology pulls us away from having meaningful, personal conversations with others? Interacting through phone screens, message apps and emoji’s deprives us of the subtle cues of one-on-one conversation – the small pauses, the changes in tone, the smiles or frowns that tell us whether or not we have been understood.

Tafta Conversation cards have been introduced as a lighthearted and insightful exercise that helps younger generations engage with elders around them, enjoy meaningful conversations and catch a glimpse of the world through their eyes.

There is an African proverb – ‘when an older person dies, the library dies’. Older people are ‘living libraries’, full of interesting stories about times gone by, and sage wisdom that comes from a life well lived. Talking to them helps us understand the changes and challenges that come with ageing, and the reality of what it’s like to be 60 years and older. And with this understanding comes acceptance and empathy.

Preserving the library one conversation at a time!

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