KZN Flood disaster update

For residents of KZN, this past week has been devastating. Following the flood disaster, so many homes and businesses have been lost or damaged. Countless people have been affected. Many have been left homeless, and over 440 lives have been lost. Our hearts go out to those still searching for lost loved ones.

Even now, a week later, we are still facing ongoing disruptions to electricity and water supplies. Transport is also challenging for many, as we wait for roads and bridges to be repaired.

For updates on restorations of services, please visit the eThekweni Municipality Facebook page.

As always, the community has responded to provide support and encouragement to those in need. Staff in our homes have also been amazing during this difficult time.

Thank you to staff for continuing to work despite having their own struggles to overcome. We also sincerely thank everyone who responded to our requests for drinking water and other essentials.

The situation at Tafta is changing daily. Some of our buildings are experiencing disruptions of water and electricity. We pray that the situation improves over the next few days, and KZN can begin to rebuild, following this national disaster.