If you or your loved ones ever reach a point where you can no longer cope on your own …


Isn’t it comforting to know that Tafta is here to help?

As we get older, we tend to slow down. Those who were fit, active and mobile not so long ago suddenly can’t bend over, walk far, or lift heavy items. And it can make taking care of yourself difficult. Especially if you live alone.

But many elders don’t want to move into an old age home. They want to stay in the homes they’ve lived in all their lives, surrounded by their possessions and happy memories of days gone by … when the house was filled with their children’s laughter, and friends and neighbours stopped by to visit.

Thanks to Tafta’s Home Based Care Service, elders like Mrs B can stay at home, yet still enjoy all the care and support they need.

Mrs B is in her 80s and lives alone. She started using our Home Based Care Service after suffering a stroke which affected her mobility. Her carer helps her to bath and dress every day. More importantly, the carer’s friendly presence alleviates loneliness. She is one of the few people Mrs B sees during the week.

Although he’s only in his 60s, Mr A lost the use of one of his legs, after fracturing it severely in a car accident. His elderly wife was battling to care for him. She suffers from arthritis and isn’t strong enough to help him in and out of the bath.

Now, one of our Home Based Carers baths Mr A and massages his leg to ease the discomfort. And, while the carer is there, Mrs A is able to take a much-needed break to visit family and friends or do the shopping.

Mrs C has leg ulcers that make it difficult for her to walk. Before our caregiver started visiting, she almost lost one of her legs. Now, with proper care, the wounds are healing nicely and she is able to walk again.

These are just three of 235 elders who benefit from Tafta’s Home Based Care Service. It meets a crucial need among the elderly. Especially for those on a small pension, who can’t afford to pay the going rate for a carer.

Some pay a portion, while others can’t pay anything at all. We help them regardless. Because how could we leave an elderly person hungry and helpless?

But it does mean that we have to look elsewhere to make up the shortfall … to kind people like you, who share our belief that each one of us has a responsibility to look out for the older, more vulnerable members of our community.

Please will you help sponsor the cost of Home Based Care, by making a contribution now?

Donate now
Your donation of R420 pays for a carer to pop in on one elder three times a week for a whole month. R700 covers the monthly cost for a daily visit to one elder. Any amount you can spare helps bring comfort, care and companionship to those who are no longer able to cope with the tasks of daily living.

So please will you follow your heart and make your contribution towards elder care now. You are sure to be richly blessed for your kindness.