Mrs B and her son are just two of many elders who count on Tafta’s Meal Delivery Service … and we, in turn, depend on you.


Mrs B was recently diagnosed with kidney failure and cancer. As you can imagine, it’s causing her much stress, anxiety and despondency. But she is receiving treatment. And fortunately, she’s still fit enough – physically and mentally – to take care of herself and her disabled son.

They have their own house and survive on Mrs B’s income of just R1 780 per month. Even though there’s no rent to pay, the municipal bill for lights, water and rates leaves precious little to live on. Often, Mrs B can’t afford to buy food for herself and her son.

But, thanks caring people like you, we’re able to deliver almost 300 delicious, nutritionally balanced meals every week to needy elders like Mrs B and her son.

Please will you join our circle of caring supporters now. By contributing to Tafta’s meal delivery service, you’ll help ensure elders in need receive a nutritious and balanced meal of soup, meat, veg and dessert that sustains them all day.

Just R500 – donated right now online by credit card or instant EFT – covers the cost of meals for Mrs B and her son for a whole week. And means she doesn’t have to take her medication on an empty stomach.

R1 000 provides meals for one elderly person for an entire month. Any amount you can spare will make a difference and be so gratefully received.

If you’d prefer to make a monthly contribution by debit order or credit card, ‘your’ meals will be delivered all year round. What a comfort that would be to an elder in distress!

I wish you could see the way their eyes light up when their meals are delivered. Nothing could warm your heart more. Because, providing a gift of food is surely the most universal gesture of human caring.

One day you, or a member of your family, may have to count on Tafta’s care. By supporting us now, you ensure that this tradition of love and care endures for generations to come. Thank you.