Is this what we have to look forward to when we get older?


Growing older, being sick, impoverished, and all alone in the world – it’s nothing short of terrifying.

73 year old Mrs L hasn’t had an easy life. She’s a widow with one son (present whereabouts unknown). Since her mother died 11 years ago, she’s been struggling along on her own. And every day is a struggle.

Not just financially – and heaven knows it’s hard enough to make do on a SASSA old age grant! But Mrs L also suffers from poor health. She has hypertension and diabetes. Although she gets her medication free from the hospital, she can’t take it on an empty stomach. Managing diabetes is all about balancing sugar intake with insulin. If she doesn’t eat, her life could be in danger.

Fortunately, caring people like you make it possible for Tafta to deliver ready-to-eat, nutritious meals to Mrs L’s door.

Every week, we deliver close to 300 meals to elders in dire circumstances, like Mrs L. And even though these nutritious and balanced meals of soup, meat, veg and dessert cost only just over R50 to deliver – multiply that by 300 and you’ll see why we can’t do it without your help.

Your donations help fill the gap between the cost of delivering meals to older people – and what they can afford to pay.

Some pay what they can. Others can’t pay a cent towards their meals. But we provide them with a nutritious meal anyway. How can we let an elder go hungry? Their gratitude is heartwarming. It’s as if they can’t believe that they matter to anyone.

Please continue to send a strong message to our elders that their lives do matter.

Your donation of R250 pays for a week’s meals for someone like Mrs L. R1 000 provides meals for one elder for an entire month. Any amount you can spare makes a difference and is so gratefully received.

And if you choose to give monthly, ‘your’ meals will be delivered all year round. What a comfort that would be to an older person in distress! And how amazing you’ll feel, knowing that your kindness is making all the difference.

Thank you and God bless you for your generous heart.