New Section 18A requirements


In order to claim a tax rebate in terms of Section 18A, donors are required to provide additional information for all donations made after 1 March 2023.

Our donation forms now make allowance for these details to be included when you make your gift online. If you didn’t complete the details, or made your gift via another channel, please note that we will need the following information before we are able to issue your receipt 18A(2)(a) of the Income Tax Act:

2.1 Donor nature of person (natural person, company, trust, etc.);
2.2 Donor identification type and country of issue (in case of a natural person);
2.3 Identification or registration number of the donor;
2.4 Income tax reference number of the donor (if available);
2.5 Contact number of the donor;
2.6 Electronic mail address of the donor;
2.7 A unique receipt number; and
2.8 Trading name of the donor (if different from the registered name).

For more information or queries regarding the new regulations, please contact Madeleen van Vuuren at

Thank you.