Spoiling the ‘moms’ at Tafta – because they deserve it

Mother’s Day on 14 May was an opportunity to honour all the moms who now live at Tafta.

Among the spoils were a special tea with muffins and gifts of chocolates and flowers. Some residences celebrated with singing, dancing and games. There was also a jewellery making session, where the ladies unleashed their creativity, making beautiful bead ear- rings, bracelets and necklaces.

It may be a long time since these women held their infant children in their arms. But there’s no expiry date on a mother’s capacity to love, nurture, encourage and protect. Even those who have no biological children still have ‘motherly’ natures – drawing others to them through kindness, acceptance and understanding.

Beyond their own children, mothers are often the pillars of strength within communities, including our various Tafta Homes. They volunteer their time, lend a listening ear, and offer a helping hand whenever needed. They bring people together, fostering a sense of unity.

Just by their presence, these women create a tapestry of compassion, kindness, and strength that enriches us all. Mothers truly are the heart and soul of society!