Improved elder care thanks to ARJO and HBZ Bank

Following recommendations for improved elder care made by ARJO, leading specialists in mobility solutions, Tafta approached HBZ Bank – with whom we share values of trust, integrity and respect – to come on board as a sponsor for the upgrade of mobility and support equipment at the John Conradie House facility.

Named after one of the founders of the organisation, Tafta’s John Conradie House officially opened in early 1969 and has been providing care and accommodation to elders with limited income since its establishment.

Home to 33 elders requiring ongoing care and 32 elders in need of assistive support, this facility is now a forerunner in improving the way that elders are moved and handled – with dignity and care. With all three pieces of Standing and Raising Aid equipment from ARJO; the Sara Stedy, Sara 3000 and the Maxi500, caregivers are now able to move and handle any elder regardless of their mobility level.

“With the generous financial assistance received from HBZ Bank and the donated Sara 3000 from ARJO, our caregivers at John Conradie House will have ease in transferring dependent elders from their beds to their wheelchairs or assistive devices, and reduce the risk of care staff injuries while providing maximum comfort to elders being transferred,” explained Tafta CEO, Femada Shamam.

We also received 33 Pentaflex Mattresses fitted with vapour permeable 2-way stretch covers which assist redistribution of pressure and reduce moisture retention, thus preventing the development of pressure sores in elders.

This has been made possible through the generosity of HBZ Bank Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Habib Bank AG Zurich, that funded the cost of equipment valued at over R168 000.

“In being founded on strong family values, HBZ Bank is dedicated to providing customer-centric solutions that place value on human life, even into later stages of existence. When called upon by Tafta to assist in delivering services to a very vulnerable population group, and to support care workers in the non-profit health field, we felt the need to respond. We are grateful that through our provision of funds, an improved life and quality care can be provided to elders at Tafta for years to come,” said Rohinton Meherjina, Durban Area Manager and Senior Vice President of HBZ Bank’s Kwa-Zulu Natal Division.

Steve Drennan of ARJO, who facilitated the handover of equipment at John Conradie House on Monday, 7 February 2022, expressed his excitement in delivering the care and handling solutions to Tafta. “Partnering in this initiative has been a rewarding experience. We are pleased to offer innovative methods and devices to improve care practices for the elderly. It has been an honour to share in the generosity of HBZ Bank and the progressiveness of Tafta,” said Drennan.

At the handover, Tafta CEO Femada Shamam presented both representatives of ARJO and HBZ Bank with certificates of appreciation. “I am consistently astounded by the grace and support shown to Tafta by our donors, partners and supporters. The vast compassion shown through HBZ Bank’s sponsorship and ARJO’s donation is a testament to the proverb that ‘it takes a village’ not only to raise a child, but also to provide our elders with a safe and healthy environment in which they can age gracefully. Thank you for creating a long lasting footprint in the aged care community. We are extremely proud to present our staff and elders with enhanced levels of care from experts in mobility technology that will allow us to live out our vision of being leaders in innovative solutions for elders, inspiring a life worth living,” Shamam said.

Pictured below, Steve Drennan of ARJO with Tafta CEO Femada Shamam and Feroza Nabee and Rohinton Meherjina of HBZ Bank Limited

Mobility and support equipment sponsors, ARJO and HZB Bank