Making people happy is the most wonderful feeling


These pictures show you – far better than mere words ever could – just what your Christmas lunch sponsorship means to Durban’s elders.

Thanks to generous support from people like you, we were able to ‘treat’ elders at Primrose and Anna Conradie Wellness Centres to a wonderful afternoon of good food, good company, music, dancing and fun last Friday. All the more precious because most of these dear elderly men and women have very few opportunities to enjoy a ‘do’ like this. And the cherry on top was being able to bless each guest with a gift bag of toiletries.

But this is just a couple of the 17 festive lunches we’re planning at our various residences and wellness centres. We don’t want to leave anyone out. And even though we can serve a delicious 3-course festive meal for just R140 per person, costs mount up when you’re catering for almost 1 500 guests!

That’s why, if you haven’t already done so, we’re hoping you’ll sponsor one or more lunches now – with a donation of R140, R280, R560 or even R1 400. Any amount you can give helps spread the joy.

Donate now

By joining in now, you’ll give so much more than just a good meal. You’ll give elders who often feel left out and forgotten, an opportunity to ‘dress up’ and make wonderful memories that will warm their hearts for months to come.

Not to mention the wonderful feeling you’ll have in your own heart, knowing you’ve shared the true spirit of the season with someone who might not otherwise be touched by it.

Thank you and may God bless you for your kindness.