Thanks for giving festive joy

We cannot thank our wonderful donors enough! Because you care, Durban’s elders were once again treated to a delicious, traditional Christmas lunch over the festive season.

Over 1 400 delicious three course meals were served at our homes and wellness centres from late November right up until Christmas Day.

thanks for giving christmas joyBut it wasn’t just about the food – it was an opportunity to get dressed up, go out, and spend a few precious hours talking, laughing, listening to music and dancing.

Thank you for giving our elders such a treat – especially those who live frugally on small pensions. And even though Christmas is now just a pleasant memory, we hope you’ll continue to brighten the lives of the elderly throughout the year ahead, by helping to provide nutritious meals every day.

Our meal delivery service is such a blessing to those who can no longer prepare meals for
themselves … or lack the means to buy good, healthy ingredients. Click here to support the programme with a regular monthly donation. Thank you!