Caring about others is only human

Up until recently, 88 year old Mrs M was fit and active – socially and physically. But then ill health struck, and her independence and mobility drained away. As much as she wanted to, she simply wasn’t able to look after herself anymore.

We suggested that she move into our frail care unit. But she insisted that she wanted to live and spend her final days in her own familiar home, with all her precious possessions around her. So, together, we settled on the best option for her – Home Based Care.

Now, a trained Tafta carer sees to all Mrs M’s needs – from personal care and meal preparation to administering her medication. Her carer also cleans the home, and does the washing and ironing. And provides something else that has become increasingly important to Mrs M … companionship.

She looks forward to having her carer come in every morning. It means someone to talk to, and even accompany her to the shopping mall for coffee dates and other social activities. Mrs M is flourishing again and the depression and anxiety that threatened her happiness has gone.

Crucial need for Home Based Care

Right now, we have 155 elders benefiting from Tafta Home Based Care service. It meets a crucial need among the elderly. But those on a small pension or fixed income can’t afford to pay the going rate. Some pay a portion, while others can’t pay anything at all. We help them regardless. Because that’s what we do. How could we leave an elderly person hungry and helpless in their own home … unable to get in and out of the bath or shower … or stand at the stove to cook a meal?

If you agree that each one of us has a responsibility to look out for the older, more vulnerable members of our community, then please consider contributing towards this vital need now.

Your donation of R420 pays for a carer to pop in on one elder three times a week for a whole month. R700 covers the monthly cost for a daily visit to one elder. Any amount you can spare helps bring comfort, care and companionship to an elder who is no longer capable of coping with the tasks of daily living on their own.

Some day, God willing, we will all be old. And we may experience first hand the fear and frustration of no longer being able to do things for ourselves. Isn’t it comforting to think that Tafta will be there for us and our loved ones … making sure that we get the help we need to continue enjoying a life worth living?

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” is Christianity’s Golden Rule. And all the major religions, from Islam to Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism reflect the same philosophy. It is one of the great guiding principles of humanity, and something we at Tafta believe strongly in.

If you believe it too, please follow your heart and make your contribution towards elder care now. May you be richly blessed for your kindness to others.