Life changes for the good – thanks to Meals on Wheels and you!

Remember 99-year-old Mrs C? Until we discovered her, she and her elderly son were struggling on without any help nor support. Meals often consisted of little more than bread and weak tea.

But, thanks to generous support from friends like you, both mother and son have been enrolled in our Meals on Wheels programme. They are doing so much better now and are extremely grateful for their nutritious meals. We’re also providing Home Based Care to help with cleaning and laundry. Thank you for opening your heart to these, and other elders in

Some supporters have questioned why we didn’t move Mrs C into one of our Tafta Homes. The answer is simple: she and her son prefer to remain in their own familiar environment – a home they have lived in for almost 70 years – surrounded by all the possessions that remind them of happy times in the past.

At Tafta, we’re committed to providing help and support, while respecting elders’ independence and choices. Every person and every situation is different. Our job is first and foremost to listen. Then tailor our response to achieve the most beneficial outcome for those we serve. And we’re able to do this because people like you trust and support us. Thank you!