It is in your hands this Mandela Day


Mandela Day calls for 67 minutes of service to others, symbolising the 67 years Nelson Mandela devoted to fighting for social justice. We believe there is no better way to honour his legacy than to make an impact in your community and improve the life of someone in need.

Each year, Tafta raises funds toward meeting the shortfall between an elder’s income and the cost of their care. We do this through events, foundational grants, corporate funding and calls to action. And this Mandela Day, we’re calling on YOU!

While it costs an average of R49,53 per day to provide care, accommodation and 3 meals to one elder – there is a gap of R15,21 between this amount and what the elder can afford. But the power to assist an elder to fill this gap lies in your hands …

Your donation of just R67 this Mandela Day can help cover the cost of care provided to 4 elders in one day!

With just one simple act of kindness, you can help maintain Tafta’s provision of essential needs and services at affordable rates – impacting lives, 4 people at a time, with every R67 you give.

Act on your Mandela Day devotion now.

If you prefer to offer compassion and kindness in person, you can still arrange a visit to one of our homes!

If you or your company would like more information or to arrange a visit – please contact Madeleen on 031 332 3721 or email

Thank you for thinking of us this Mandela Day.

Your involvement, whether in person or through a donation, helps us continue to provide the care, companionship and dignity that our elders need and deserve.

Let us honour Madiba’s legacy together – making a difference where we can!

Thank you for your continued support.