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Elders remain upbeat as Covid-19 spreads

Captured in the video above is a beautiful moment of joy and laughter at Tafta on Ridge, which really lifted our spirits. Yesterday, while their home was being sanitized following yet another case of Covid-19, Tafta on Ridge staff and elders enjoyed a fun dance outdoors. Please note the clever use of the umbrella to ensure the dancers kept their social distance while having a good time. What awesome talent and wonderful spirit we have at Tafta!

[July 29, 2020]

Tafta on Ridge

11th Covid-19 case discovered at Tafta

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has entered a new Tafta home – this time Tafta on Ridge in the Overport area. An 80 year old man in the Independent Living section began displaying flu-like symptoms last week. He was transferred to a private health care facility, where he tested positive for the virus. The home’s care team has made contact with the Department of Health (DoH) and our social work team have begun the screening process in preparation for DoH testing. This patient is not doing well and we ask that […]

[July 13, 2020]

Tafta Park

3rd Covid-19 case recorded, at Tafta Park

A third Tafta elder, a resident at Tafta Park Care Cottage in the south of Durban, has been found to be Covid-19 positive following admission to a private hospital in Durban yesterday. As part of the hospital’s pre-admission procedure, the elder, in her 80’s, was tested and results today confirmed her positive status. She will remain in the hospital. Three care staff, two kitchen staff and the home’s sister, together with the eight frail elders in the Care cottage have been put into immediate isolation whilst they await results of […]

[June 24, 2020]

John Conradie House/Langeler Towers

New lockdown for JCH/Langeler Towers Complex

On 22 June, Tafta Managment received news of a second elder testing positive for the Coronavirus. This elder has joined the first patient at the state quarantine facility in Clairwood. We await the results of four remaining elders who were tested and placed in isolation last week. To date, all staff have tested negative, but those who had contact with the infected elders have been asked to self-isolate with a new staff complement being rotated into the building to care for the remaining residents. After much consideration and careful consultation […]

[June 24, 2020]

Crisis: Coronavirus outbreak at Langeler Towers

Our worst nightmare has just come true. Yesterday, one of our residents at Langeler Towers tested positive for Covid-19. For over 600 elderly men and women who live here – and in the adjacent John Conradie House – it is devastating news. Everyone is aware that this is the age group most at risk from the disease. Now we have to react quickly to ensure it doesn’t spread. That means screening and testing a vast number of our residents, as well as all the impacted staff. We need to immediately […]

[June 16, 2020]